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Born in Canada 1980, Carlo Polidoro Lopez is an artist that relates to his Equatorial/ Italian heritage to make art. He uses many mediums and materials to adopt a mixed media and multidisciplinary style. Carlo Polidoro Lopez has influences from artists like Cy Twombly, Robert Rauschenberg, Oscar Murillo, Leonardo Da Vinci, family, and friends. He studied at Dawson College for one year, taking an absence for personal reasons. In September 2016 he began to study at Concordia University. Carlo has only been working in his art practice for three years, yet he has found his creative voice. There are collections from his work in Montreal, New York and Ecuador.



Carlo Polidoro Lopez works on many works at the same time, usually on the ground, recording time through an accidental and controlled process. By creating in this process, it allows for a spontaneous, energetic expression and while still controlling and molding the works to the desired results. He feeds off the marks -from the found material- created by accident and follows its energy and visual conversation, adding his personal stamp.

Carlo Polidoro Lopez' body of work is formed in the interest of materials and exploration of energy translating onto his work. His works are created from found objects and expressed from the process of materiality. The display of the works acts as one living organism, even though they are naturally individual pieces because of the living energy they portray. The pieces also give an effect of the streets and everyday life in Ecuador and in a bigger way, the South American societies from the marks, colors and messages added instinctually. By working through instinct, it allows that visual description to take life.


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